Friday, September 09, 2011

Floating Tent Miracle!

Thank You Hashem for the great miracles at Seaside.
I woke up in a floating tent! It was very exciting and I just enjoyed it..the thrilling moment.. and wanted to hold on to that sensation forever.. to float into eternity..but soon thoughts of "my reality" came to mind that I needed to take action and get out before the waves sweep me and carry me into the ocean and then some fear made its way in. B"H I got out.. my stuff got wet.. but I was totally safe.. (I woke up just in time..) and didn't lose anything.. the waves carried away some stuff but soon after a sincere search and prayer.. and the willingness to believe in miracles everything re-appeared right in front of me. I set up camp a little further up on shore and went back to sleep singing tehillim and praise to Hashem for the great miracles! and promised to blog about it..
The next day I saw the warnings signs - Tsunami up.


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