Saturday, June 03, 2006

Family Players: Mom

Mom ע"ה:
Mom passed away four years ago. The sweetest, most compassionate, most patient human being. She was דן לכף זכות everyone and always saw only the good in everyone and everything. It was sometimes already to an annoying extent. Even though we were certain that something was done with total bad intentions.. there were absolutely no other possible ways to interpret it.. . my mother would somehow still always come up with justifications how it really is good…even wonderful!

She had rachmanos on everyone and patience like Hillel Hazuken. People called her 24 hours to pour out their hearts to her. She would patiently listen to them all and give them the feeling as if there is nothing else in the world she needs to tend to or do.. she had all the time in the world for them.. and she had just the right words to soothe them, heal their wounds, and mend their hearts...

I remember..
Friday night, My mother wasn't feeling too well.. she had difficulties breathing.. especially after working hard preparing for Shabbos. (Again the cleaning lady didn't show up at the last moment.. and my mother had to do everything herself.. Of course my mother didn't have a word of complaint against the cleaning lady. Time after time the cleaning lady promised she will be here on Fridays.. but at the end just didn't show up.. We could've hired someone else.. but my Mom had rachmanus on her "she must need the parnasah.." We had so many Amelia Bedelias in our home just because my mom had rachamanus on them. My mother wanted to help them financially B'derech Kavod.. so we hired them as עוזרת נקיון, but they made more of a mess then they actually cleaned up.. We had so many Amelia Bedelias stories to fill up books and books..

So my mother was exhausted.. she had portable oxygen carrying around with her to keep her going.. Friday night, the men go to shul.. a time to catch a nap before the seudah... My mother had just laid down to catch her breath.., when there was a knock on the door.. I went to answer it and there was some nechs who wanted to chat with my mom. I was about to tell her that my mother isn't feeling well and is napping now.. but was stopped short of saying it.. my mother got out of bed and welcomed her… I have no idea how she had the strength… she didn't.. but helping others was her life.. her real oxygen..


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