Monday, November 13, 2006

too daring??

I always blog about fun skating trips..
What about not such fun ones..
They rarely happen.
I love skating and B"H amazing things happen along the way.
but today would be one of those rare not such fun ones...

B"H my trip though ended amazingly fun..
But what a skating trip...
It was so so stressful and just too mad..
Was I maybe too daring?

I still haven't found the limit of strength, heroism, fearlessness - laziness, silliness...

I left my house late today.. and hit the road after the sun has set completely.. It was dark outside.. and I could not see the road..

I skate many times @ night.. but the Jerusalem-dead sea @ night is mad.. especially with no moon out. It's a lot more stressful than Jerusalem - TA highway because the former besides for being such a major decline- 40km totally downhill, it is not lit up @ night at all, it is a one lane highway, and doesn't have any shoulders.... so you've got to really be totally on your toes all the time..riding under control and knowing exactly what's going on.. because the cars.. they don't.. they won't see me.. It was so.. so stressful. Especially when I would be surprised faced by a car from upcoming traffic coming right into me while trying to pass the cars in front of them.. obviously totally not being aware and not realizing that I am there skating.. flying down at considerable speed..

also being blinded by the glare of opposite traffic headlights was quite frightening....

and oh the sirens.. the sirens... deafening! especially one mean lady.. who refused to stop.. honking.. and drove right up to me.. making sure to leave no room and forcing me off the road..
Thank g-d I was in control and able to jump off road..

The highway was dark so busy with rush hour traffic.. too annoying..

Baruch Hashem - the hot springs definitely made up for it!
(I couldn't find them @ first and hiked around quite some time to find them.. they are constantly changing.. also it was totally dark tonight.. and couldn't see anything..)

but I found them.. BH

they were so hot today..
so relaxing.. calming.. and peaceful!!!
and the natural jacuzzi with the swirling pebbles...
and the hot rocks...
and the soft mud massaging my body...
and swimming in the cool water of the dead sea.. surrounded by beautiful mountains, water and star and sky... always chill..
always refreshing..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They sound so amazing! Maybe lead tours of adventurous FFFF'ers down there? Mix in some divrei torah..people adding their own insights etc. It'd be beautiful!!
I'll be first to sign up!! :)

12:04 AM  
Blogger truelife said...

true ffff'er don't go on tours.. they just do it..
you are welcome to join the fun..

12:47 AM  

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