Sunday, October 29, 2006

I gave them sweets.. they were ecstatic

If I'd only know how such a simple gesture can delight a brokenhearted human being...

She knocked on our door.. I know her.. she's made her rounds here before.. her question is always "matei at nosat" - when are you flying? "I don't know", I answer.. but she is not satisfied. She insists I tell her.. "seriously when are you going?".. and this goes on for the next ten minutes.. she thinks I don't want to reveal to her for some reason.. but I sincerely do not know when I fly. Whenever I feel it's right.. I myself don't know many times in the morning that I would be flying that day..
Today she came again with her sister.. knocking on our door for tzedakah... I gave them some candy.. they were so ecstatic.. as if I had just given them a $100 bill.. and I was even happier seeing their smiles and beaming faces.. someone had them in mind on this rainy wet night..
G-d delight us..


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