Monday, February 05, 2007

My Peruvian adventure...

It almost did not happen.

I missed my flight.

I was running late.. finishing up some work.. so I can leave knowing that it is completed.. and taken care of....

I could've used another day or so..

I called up Expedia if it's possible to change my ticket but they said I had a "use it or lose it" ticket.. I wrapped things up as fast as I can... grabbed my backpack.. packed in some stuff..

(siddur, shabbos skirt shoes, candles, matches, soap, deodorant, a few t-shirts, flip flops, minidisc recorder in case I come up with some amazing composition and I'd be wishing to record it..flashlight, sheet which served as a blanket too.., bug spray, toothbrush..)

and took the subway to the airport..

I packed so quickly.. I forgot even the most essential item.. nice clean socks.. for hiking.. and an ATM card.. or some guide book.

With No Lonely Planet guide book, no ATM card (only $100 cash that I hid in my backpack for emergency cash) and without reading up or planning anything at all for my Peru trip.. this was going to be some challenging adventure!

My flight was for 5:30 Am. I got to the airport at 5:00..

On my itinerary that I printed out.. it said I needed terminal 2 but that was incorrect.. so I wasted another few precious minutes till I got to the right terminal. I rushed to Tasca's check in counter-- cutting all the lines.. but they said it was too late to get on.. I pleaded.. Didn't work..

so will I lose it? my ticket? Will Peru happen?

The supervisor said I could take the next flight.. and pay a penalty.. (which my thoughts on that was that if I needed to pay I will not go to Peru..) I pleaded again.. to let me get on this flight.. claiming.. I could still make it.. I had nothing to check-in and could run to the gate in seconds.. besides there was a terminal mix up which was not my fault..

He agreed to let me on the next flight.. NYC - San Salvador - Lima


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