Thursday, January 25, 2007

freedom - גאולה .. only with a גאולה mindset.. children lead

How can we leave exile and reach freedom?

Moshe says, "We will leave Egypt בנערינו ובזקנינו נלך the elderly and the youth.. " but ultimately it is בבנינו ובבנותנו the children.. the future.. the unknown..

Ribbono Shel Olam...Don't ever let us let go of the Na'ar within.
(Shlomo Katz's amazing weekly inspirational parsha emails)

I pray to G-d that I never let go of the child within me.. always to be growing. dynamic, evolving. idealistic, not afraid to experiment and take risks, delight in novelty.. curious and adventurous..

I bless you and eveyone else too with that blessing..

That's the secret of freedom גאולה. May it be very soon in our days.. Please G-d.


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