Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a staircase in the desert

It was cool - I found a staircase in the barren desert.
what's the staircase in the desert doing? I wonder.

I also came across a new water spring.. yay!

It was so nice to fall asleep on the boulders just above the beach... wow! the total quietness.. stillness.. just the relaxing sound of the water.. and the sun rays caressing you..

Thank you Hashem so much for vision.. I was floating for hours in the dead sea.. but when I wanted to get back the water was flowing against me.. pushing me further into the sea.. I tried swimming back with minimal splashing..but as the night was heading on.. the waters got louder and lots of salt when into my eyes.. and I couldn't see. BH I finally got to dry land and to a fresh water spring.. to flush my eyes.. with lots of water.. BH I can see.. wow!!! Thank you so so much Hashem for vision.. for being able to see! בא''ה פוקח עורים

Chodesh Tov - ראש חודש as Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz was singing tonight ראש חדש.
We should all be blessed to be in the state of אלה תולדות נח -אלה - ) not being bound by yesterday.. but everyday.. serving Hashem on a higher consciousness - with Today's knowledge and experience of Hashem.. which should always be hopefully so much greater.. every day..
( ישמח ישראל - R Davide Lustigman @ Simchat Shlomo )

and don't worry... ...מבול turbulent waters of life.. מר חשון ....winter.... in hiding...
but there is a staircase in the desert..
it's there...

please please Hashem, open up our eyes to see it.. and to believe it..


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