Sunday, June 22, 2008

beautiful shelach lecha inspirations

B"H I got to hear some beautiful inspirations today from some beautiful people. Thanks for sharing it with me. Chazak U'baruch!

  • Shlomo Katz
    Veyaturu Et Erets Kna'an
The word G-d describes to Moshe in which manner to send spies/scouts/messengers/ to the land of Israel was through the word 'Veyaturu'. Veyaturu, to bring the 'Tur', the 'Torah' into the land. We can understand that what G-d wanted from these heads of tribes, who were chosen as these messengers, was to bring forth the energy of the Torah which each tribe had resembled, but not just that. Each leader of tribe was to tune into the Torah of Eretz Yisrael and bring that back with them upon returning to the rest of the journey in the desert.
It is so easy to look at Eretz Yisrael, to look at others, and sadly enough... to even look at ourselves with 'meraglim' eyes. How many people look at our precious land with Veyaturu eyes? How many people actually come to Eretz Yisrael with hearts of 'Veyaturu'? How many of us take a deep look into our own souls with one purpose...Veyaturu?
Good Shabbos

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  • Shoshana Goldwag - The Aura of Love

It is an incredible to see someone that you care about walk around glowing. Baruch Hashem my amazing roommate became a kallah last week and she just glows. Actually she has been glowing since the day she met him. She came home from the first date smiling from ear to ear and more. As time went on she began to glow more and more; she had this new aura to her and it was impossible to miss. Through her time dating him I would often say to her, " Oritt, you know you are glowing, right?!" She made me happier just being around her.

This Shabbos, we were sitting around the table together and I said to her, "Oritt, you are glowing again, what is it about your relationship with Yonatan that makes you shine like that?" She thought a moment and said " The main thing is that it is incredible to know and feel that someone loves me so much and cares for me so much and I feel the same way about him ".

I was touched by her words and realized something deeper about it. Every relationship that we have is just a springboard to help us understand and develop our relationship with Hashem better. If Yonatan loves her so much and cares so much about Oritt that she glows, how much more so does Hashem care about us and love us so incredibly that we should really be glowing. If we really understood how much Hashem cares for us and takes care of us and prepares every step for us, then we would be walking around with an aura emanating from the fact that we knew that someone so deeply loves us.

I once heard a math equation from Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen at Neve Yerushalyim to explain how much Hashem loves us. Let try to imaging how much Hashem loves us. Let's assume that L represents Love. Now using exponents we are going to make some equations to determine how much love we have for others.

Take your average Joe Shmoe – let us assume we don't have such a love for him – but we care a little bit about him – so we love him Lˡ

The person in your neighborhood – you like him a little more so he would be L^3

The person in your class- you like him a little more- so we will say he is L^5 – already a huge number

Your roommate- L^10 – a bigger number

Your cousin – L^14- a bigger number

Your sister- L^20- a huge number

Your parents- L^30 – a crazy huge number

Well Guess what – Hashem Love you L˜ - L to the infinity!!

He loves us more than we can ever imagine.

I once heard from Rabbi Aryeh Mezei that part of Emunah is realizing that Hashem loves us incredibly, He knows what is best for us, He wants what is best for us and He can do anything!

And if we can even slightly tap into this idea then we all would be walking around glowing all the time.

May we all have the zechus to realize how much He loves us and cares for us and may we all see the kedusha and aura radiating from each other.


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