Tuesday, October 10, 2006

BBP BH - Beautiful Birthday Presents Baruch Hashem

Thank G-d I got to see the Beautiful Birthday Presents..

Gd granted me life.. a good life.. I am healthy and well.. I like the way I look (others too :) I can connect with people.. I am having fun.. I am living the life of my dreams…

May He continue to bless us all with an abundance of blessings joy and happiness forever and may we get to see His love for us in the most grandiose beautiful way... always.. forever..

There was going to be a post titled horrible birthday presents.. thank G-d I was elevated and my music took on a different song now.. I was walking down the streets of Nachlaot whispering sweet melodies.. enchanting myself.. and other passbyers as well as some dwellers peeking out of their houses wondering from where the melody was coming from. I than sat down on a bench in the park.. soon a flutist joined as well.. but we had to stop not long after that.. one of the neighbors wanted some quiet.. And then some others came out asking for some more music...

It was cool.. one of the people remembers me the skater girl.. from 10 years back when he was a bus driver doing his route down the highway to the dead sea..

קסריה was beautiful.. The ocean. Oh how refreshing!!!

Thank G-d I have got to meet some wonderful beautiful people along the way on my journey..

After spending the night day and evening in I went to the Jerusalem. I got to the Kotel..Birchat Cohanim.. really early.. in the early morning.. so that I had a place right next to the wall.. I was still singing yesterdays song and it was hard for me to start davening but slowly the music metamorphosized into a different song..

ידיד נפש אב הרחמן

And was able to pray…

Later when the crowds started showing up.. and the pushing and shoving began.. I climbed onto a pile of 20 chairs. ( I can't stand being pushed and shoved..) From up there I was able to breathe.. and got to see the entire view.. wow!

G-d please accept all our prayers.. I know you wont turn us down.. Please listen to the blessings of the Cohanim which you revealed to them to bless us..

יברכך ה וישמרך יאר ה פניו אליך ויחנך ישא ה פניו אליך וישם לך שלום


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