Wednesday, December 27, 2006

fun adventures in NYC

So it was going to be iyiny or iyun? (Integral Yoga - hanging out with the harmonium or Iyyun.. IYeshiva) I chose the later. It was fun. Before class I went to one of my favorite parks..under the bridge.. sang some songs-a few chapters of Tehillim by the rocks and water.. while green and red lights were bouncing off from the light installations.. it's really cool, that piece..

It was a great class b"h.. I am glad I went.. I really need to get back in the swing of attending more classes. And still need to jam with the harmonium..
After class I walked around a bit.. and then the bridge was right in front of me. I couldn't resist. It's been a while since I have skated from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I put on skates and off I went to my night out in the City. My bearings are really rusty.. I remember speeding down the bridge needing to stop and slow down at the lights.. but not this time.. I am waiting for the 110 mm and I'll get them B'eH.. it's not worth servicing the bearings or buying new ones.. I then skated south to Staten Island Ferry (where I started my 4 month skating trip across America..) and then all around Battery Park City for a few hours all the while singing.. screaming.. praying..
and later visited the Winter Garden..

I got some goodies too to remind me of good times - blue natural chips..(I usually get them on trips in America which I haven't taken in a while.. ) my favorite drink - bolthouse vanilla tchai.. and tofutti ice cream sandwich- just because I wanted to eat some ice cream in this cold weather.. next to the water and to commemerate and be מתקן for the tofutti ice cream that I ate last year this time @ the water but wasn't that much enjoyed and appreciated.. I could only eat one.. so I gave them out.. to passbyers... I still got 3 left.. I am skating home soon.. So if you want one come on out..


Anonymous ysh alive said...

wow sounds like fun! If I may ask, while you were skating what were you screaming about?

11:59 AM  
Blogger truelife said...

just for fun..

not really screaming.. singing really really loud..

3:58 PM  

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