Friday, May 04, 2007

Hashem delight me.. surprise me today!

Wow!! wow! I am glowing, skipping, dancing in the streets.. and can't stop laughing..

still laughing.. even while typing this.. '

What an amazing.. delightful day.. night.. Thank You G-d.. the secret is true.. and even more so... the secret of the secret.. (yay! I made Rabbi Schwartz class today! amazing.. please please join if you can.. you'll be happy.. I hope I will join...)

The mayan - spring was so delightful!! No one was there.. I had the place for myself..

I was a bit hesitant to enter the spring.. the water was cold!! but I did.. and oh am I glad that I took the plunge.. so so refreshing!! putting me on such an amazing high.. ( I could've been there and so not be there.. even after entering the water I could've thought that's all what it is.. but it really is not.. it could be so much more.. I dared myself.. I knew I was going to do it.. I totally dunked myself.. swam underwater.. floated.. splashing all over.. it was so much fun..)

I could've missed out on it.. and the entire day.. I could've missed out on it.. sometimes I get lazy but you just need that one moment of conviction.. that you're going do it.. and then wow! can I live without it...

The hikes around nes harim, tzur hadasah, tzuba, the smell of the trees and herbs.. the clean water.. the cave..the trickling water in the cave, the gold fish... the rain drops.. the flowers, getting a ride right to town.. the class.. the smiles.. the holy people.. helping the lady in shuk with her shopping bags.. holy food talk..mushroom bourekas, ice coffee.. views of old jerusalem city walls, the shuk.. sliding down.. jumping over poles.., rovah, kotel, the songs, the prayers, the scent of dried orange peels.. so so heavenly..

Many times it's there.. but we can experience it how we want it..
on infinite levels and dimensions..

..awareness.. consciousness..happiness.. gratitude.. adds so much... the experience is on a total different dimension.. higher.. powerful.. more intense.. more real...

Thank you so much Hashem for today's wonderful surprises.. and the dessert was just so sweet.. seeing it really happen... the three principles
  1. wanting.. stating.. believing in an infinite G-d making anything happen.. and infinitely cares for you..
  2. letting go of your belief of how it's going to happen and letting G-d happen in your life..
  3. opening up yourself.. your eyes and be ready to accept it.. asking Hashem to taking part in making it happen..
what an amazing encouragement.. .. reconfirmation.. inspiration.. I got to meet wonderful people and bumped right into them..
so yes G-d, I know you can surprise and delight me in the most amazing ways... and I know that what I know and what I have experienced so far.. is so much.. yet is nothing.. nothing.. it can't compare.. I have no idea just how much You can delight me.. it's infinite.. ...........
so please Hashem please surprise and delight me today..
show me how much..
show us how much..


Anonymous dovi said...


er, both for the message and the pics'!

lag beomer sameach!

8:52 AM  

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