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we are co-creators

question by shriki: from where do you get your money to live your life?

We can all make our own choices in life..

some people are afraid to dream, some people are afraid to live it.. they are afraid of surprises.. afraid of the unknown, they want to feel in control.. they don't allow G-d into their reality..

But really we are co-creators with Hashem in this world.. we make it happen..

Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz shared with us a wonderful 3 part co-creating formula:

a. CREATE A REALITY-----with as much certainty as possible---CREATE an intended projected new reality for yourself [or perhaps even for others] based on whatever it is that you need...the sky's the limit. Don't worry about it being miraculous [G-d will take care of that part].... my teacher taught me to do 25 of these daily---just to get in shape! You need to exercise the power of Emunah and Kavanah or directed will to be effective at this stage . I do suggest that you leave it a bit't throw in too many details---you want to leave G-d some 'space' to do it in His way and in His own good time! Perhaps the most important ingredient [ie...the Jewish part] is to do it for Hashem's sake ---to do Tikun Olam, Kiddush Hashem---making His Name sanctified in the world or at the very least to do it for myself --but only if it finds favour in His Eyes!

b. GET OUT OF G-D'S WAY AND WITH PERFECT TRUST LET HIM DO IT---------------we sabotage the process by being control freaks and thinking that if we don't do it, it's not going to happen---WRONG!! Just the opposite is true---especially when we are asking for G-d to help us do what seems to be impossible for us to do it on our own! Exercise a healthy dose of trust that Hashem does things in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE-----SO LEAVE HIM ALONE DO MANIFEST MY CREATED REALITY IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!

c. ASK G-D TO BE HIS MESSENGER [SHALIACH] IN MAKING THIS CREATION MANIFEST-----now you need to open up your inner Divine guidance channel and be able to hear those inner messages [ that I find easiest to pick up on when you ask the right questions, place the questions close by in a pocket or purse and wait to receive the flash that will be the answer!] This 3rd step is best facilitated with a healthy dose of believing in your own inner intuition as well as believing in the reality of G-d's Constant personal Guidance of our lives 24\7!

Traveling, music, art, nature, great outdoors, adrenaline pumping sports, adventure, spirituality, Godliness, Torah and sharing this beauty..this my life.. and just as Hashem provides me with fresh air to breath without me even thinking about it.. I know he will take care of me.. feed me, nourish me, protect me in every way.. and love me forever..

"אתה הוא ה' האלוקים הזן ומפרנס אותנו ומכלכל מקרני ראמים עד ביצי כינים, הטריפני לחם חוקי והמצא לי ולכל בני בית מזונותי קודם שאצטרך להם. בנחת ולא בצער, בהיתר ולא באיסור, בכבוד ולא בביזיון לחיים ולשלום משפע ברכה עליונה כדי שאוכל לעשות רצונך, ולעסוק בתורתך ולקיים מצוותייך ואל תצריכיני לידי מתנת בשר ודם. ויקים בי מקרא שכתוב. פותח את ידך ומשביע לכל חי רצון. וכתוב השלך על ה' יהבך והוא יכלכלך. אמן


Right now it is happening through my music,art, and computer programming - keeping my mind stimulated.. and in that my expenses are low.. I hate shopping for unnecessary materialistic stuff...
Living in S. America, Africa, Asia could be as low as $1 a day.. (I love eating local produce.. fresh fruits and vegetables.. sleeping under the stars.. washing up in springs.. ) but again Gd is infinite and can make anything happen.. giving me a $1 million isn't harder for Him. (it's harder for us.. to create it..because we don't believe it..ok I believe it God!)

May we all have high dreams and the strength to be living it! Truly being dynamic partners with Hashem.. living our calling in life.. our unique contribution.. transforming this world into a divine world.. where there is a complete revelation of Hashem's presence..

May we all see all the time.. your care.. your greatness, your mercy, kindness, beauty..
your everlasting love for us..


Blogger truelife said...

Hi Shlomo,
Thanks for your comments. I will try to address them:

A- I think I disagree with you a bit about 'we shouldn't hope or pray for 'anything'. We probably don't need, and more likely don't deserve it (l'fi ma sheshama'ti al pi agada achat, bdsof k'tubot). v'tzarich i'yun"

We can ask Hashem, our father for anything.. (we deserve it - in that He created us and made us partners in this world..Hashem is our lover and in that sort of relationship with Hashem we deserve it - we are married to him..)

The needs we have.. are there for us to communicate with Hashem-- it develops a relationship - give and take - Hashem wants to give to this world - הקב"ה ברא את העולם כדי להיטיב עם בריותיו. כל רצונו של הקב"ה הוא להיטיב
and with our prayers we are enabling the shefa to come down- this give and take - brings love.. as we can see in the relationship of: - a father giving to his children, - lovers, - and hopefully reflected in all our relationships.. our relationship with the world.. positive flow of communication brings love.. even if they are for trivial matters.. in fact.. the closer you feel to someone.. the more comfortable you are to ask them for anything..

Communicating with Hashem by requesting from Him to fulfill your needs might be a superficial way of connecting to Hashem.. and is not ideal.. but it is some sort of relationship with Hashem.

But even though we can ask Hashem for anything, we might want to consider and rethink our "needs" our "wants"...

Is that what we really want?.. is it our true desire? It might not even bring us happiness once we get it.. cause it is not a true want and isn't for our benefit..

Ultimately we should align our wants with Hashem's wants.. be in sync with our true selves Gd and the G-dly world..
הוא היה אומר: עשה רצונו כרצונך כדי שיעשה רצונך כרצונו; בטל רצונך מפני רצונו כדי שיבטל רצון אחרים מפני רצונך
We should want what Hashem wants from us..
and everything will just happen.. we will get what we need.
We should pray to be the vessel of G-d's manifestation in the world.. and to be able to recognize the unique gifts and tools Hashem has given us to carry out our special mission in our unique way..

B- the tefillah is written in many siddurim and is inserted in the bracha אב הרחמן שמע קולנו before the words כי אתה שומע תפילות כל פה

C- "OK, so very basically, the answer is you're a computer programmer!"
that's not the answer.
yes, one can say that.. but it is 'chaval' that one sees it that way.

D- I love sleeping outdoors.. so refreshing.. (and sometimes annoying being bitten up by ferocious insects.. or freezing from cold.. wet from non-stop rain storms..but still it is so rewarding!) and yes I did get to sleep with wildlife around.. bears, wolves, buffalo, moose.. may Hashem protect us always ה שומרך ה' צלך על יד ימינך '

fear-- is the real danger--

E- "getting there.. is the main expense" - again if I am meant to be there.. I will be there.. $200-3-4-800-.. is not harder than a breath of fresh air.. Hashem provides me with life, air in my longs, and everything I need..
I try not to make it my agenda.. and be stuck with it..I rather pray to Hashem to guide me where I need to be..

I always pray to Hashem make it happen if it is the right thing. Bring me where I need to be.. I don't plan my trips.. they happen Baruch Hashem.. I pray to be open, flexible and ready to accept Hashem's pleasant surprises.. and awesome goodness He wants to give us..

Show us.. please Hashem.. the ultimate goodness! very soon in our days! amen.


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Blogger truelife said...

Regarding traveling solo..
I like traveling on my own.. it is a completely different adventure than with others.. It's more of an inward journey a constant meditation with myself and Hashem.. a self-growth experience..

It would be an interesting adventure too ..with like minded individuals... I just haven't found them.. actually the blog was started for that.. if you know of any fffs let me know..
Hopefully, with Gd's help, I will find soon my true adventure partner. amen.

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