Thursday, June 07, 2007

נחל מעיינות

the stream of springs..
the magical word מעיינות got me there.. I thought to not only one.. but this is it! it's 'the stream of springs'..
but there were none.. they existed in times of the Roman Empire.. (and the recent man-made lake was all dried up.. they are redoing it..)
- this is how the lake looked once upon a time..

it was a nice hike.. but too hot..

I then got a ride to a stunning observation of the entire area.. it was awesome.. Really worth it..

on my way back home.. the guy giving me a ride.. told me about his life transforming experience in Uman.. he got me thinking about going this טו באב.. my Africa trip isn't happening meanwhile..Maybe go to Uman Rabbi Nachman, Bal Shem Tov..I might do it g-d willing.. eastern europe.. tlv-bucharest and train/backpack through Romania Carpathian Mountains..ukraine...maybe Czech and Hungary too (if you wanna join let me super budget adventurous.. extreme.. )


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