Thursday, October 18, 2007

laughing pools quest - day 2

So I am addicted to downhill rollerblading. Once you start you just
can't stop.. you get addicted to this amazing feeling.. adrenaline
pumping.. you're on a total high!

So I went yesterday... and of course today too....
besides my mission was yet uncompleted.. I was on a search to find again the laughing pools I had once discovered..

Thank G-d I found them today...
and boy do they make you laugh..
The scenery was absolutely magnificent.. I swam in a
stream of cool water.. between two mountains .. the water.. flows
right into the dead sea.. It is a real special place – a breathtaking
oasis in the desert... and the waters.. oh so refreshing!! full of
amazing healthy minerals.. and gasses that make you feel so
reinvigorated and ecstatic! And radiating!!
The mud was the softest mud ever.. and felt so nice..
but soon later..
the sun was setting and the mosquitoes were tenaciously getting at me...
so I swam in the dead sea..(the saltiness keeps them away..) washed up with a cool water bottle..

and then headed towards the road.. where I got a ride right to where I
wanted to go – Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz class @ nachlaot..
and then I got to go to another amazing class.. Rabbi Avraham Sutton.. wow! Zohar: Adam, Avraham, David Hamelech, Chaim Vital...
it's Hashem's way of getting the holy sparks here..
so G-d forbid... don't let any negativity.. bring you down a bit..
just rise higher.. shine..

Thank G-d
It was an awesome day!


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