Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a day of miracles!

Baruch Hashem!
I went to Yam Hamelach today. It's one of my favorite places in the world! But since I have been back here in Israel I still haven't been there. My soul craved so to be there.. I knew I have to get back on track of coming more often. So I went this past Shabbos to Mitzpe to plant the seeds for a continued good week of blessings and adventure in this area and to reconnect. Today was my first day back. It was amazing. There were so many new swimming holes and beautiful greenery, reeds, a true oasis in the desert! I watched the most beautiful sunset ever! a rainbow of colors in the sea.. blues, pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, lime green.. wow! It was miraculous! I then met y. and i. who were heading to Jerusalem so I got a ride with them back. We got talking about how lucky we are to be able to speak with the artist, creator of this magnificent world and not only are we invited to have a private audience with Him, He's even awaiting us and desires to hear our voice... at any time, all the time... every moment...

But does He listen?! Does He talk to us? How has He listened to you today?, they countered.

BH every moment. I'm well, I can breathe, I made the bus this morning, the bus made the way in excellent timing, I had a good morning, a good meeting, I enjoyed the orange juice, I enjoyed speaking with my brother, I enjoyed walking, the pollution wasn't too bad, there weren’t any smokers or rude people around me, I had water to drink and enjoyed it, I got a good ride to kfar a. and good conversation, and then another excellent happy ride to ovnat- A. was reviewing with his sweet 7 yr. old daughter hilchot Chanukah during the car ride and it was all with so much joy and exuberance.. it made me happy too, I didn't have to wait too long and got another ride to the water pools along the sea. The scenery was stunning. Before heading to the sea I looked around for an empty water bottle to fill up with water from the water station at the checkpoint, but I couldn't find a good water bottle. And then seemingly randomly (Hashgacha pratit) someone walks over to me "hey you need water"..(yes, wow, I'm thinking to myself) he assured me he was fine and didn't need it as he's heading home. I thanked him profusely for precious water in the desert at the right time.. and somehow this exchange of words and his kindness cheered him up as well.. and I felt it was meaningful.. purposeful

Swimming in the pools and in the sea, and the mud.. it all was amazing! sunset was surreal, I got a good ride back home with you guys.. etc..
but I still didn't know of "the" miracle of the day.. which was going to happen soon after..
We decided to stop by at ein mabua - Last time I was there was probably around 3 years ago. I love that place.. I was re-experiencing again the thrilling x-treme downhill roads. I didn't have my rollerblades on this time, but I was brought back to that high moment.. We stopped at the main spring and I told y. and i. that I'd be back in while.. I took off to some night explorations... I love the mountains, small springs, mini waterfalls.. and in the night with a sky full of stars it's lots of fun. I hiked a little bit and then it was time for water fun. I put my clothes what seemed to me like a big rock and went into the water.. It was very dark.. I had no light and it's a small moon today. The water felt really good. I was a bit chilly and I did want to get back on time.. so I got out of the water.. but my skirt was missing!! I had no other change of clothing or anything else I can use to wear.. for a moment I thought ok this is it.. but Baruch Hashem the greatest miracle happened: I didn't give up and went to look for it. There could've have been many logical excuses such as -- you'll never going to find it –in the dark--there's no point in searching.. the water must have carried it away as soon as you put it down.. you'll never be able to catch up with it downstream now after 10-15 minutes. But I did start to walk in the stream following the flow of water-- downstream trying to feel around for my skirt.. and then I felt it.. a soft wet fabric.. wow! I didn't even have to search for long. I just had to be willing to look for it and to start my search.. wow! what if Hashem would've made the miracle that my skirt got stuck around a few rocks stopping it from going downstream.. but I wouldn't even look for it. I wouldn't have had it. G-d could do amazing miracles for us but if we are not open to it.. it wont happen.
Thank You so much Hashem for your kindness, for giving me the motivation.

I headed back to my ride mates. They were wondering how come it took me so long but I think they enjoyed the answer from Hashem: - we have to want to listen in order to hear Him, we have to open up ourselves, we have to allow miracles to happen, we need to believe and have big dreams.. even though it is not "realistic".. because nothing is "realistic"-- rational.. creation of life is not rational, creation is not rational. We have an infinite Good G-d הכול יכול as our partner in life!

Hashem please bless us to know it and live it. Always.

שעשה ניסים לאבותינו בימים ההם בזמן הזה

yay! I got B"H already olive oil for tomorrow night light!! and also beautiful produce b’shefa -- juicy blessed pomegranates, good herbs and lots of goodies bh.


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I hope you are having a happy and awesome Chanukah!

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