Saturday, July 29, 2006


Fire an amazing gift from Hashem..
As a backpacker and outdoor enthusiast I highly appreciate it..
It was Thursday and I was @ one of the most beautiful spots - Kuani Lake.. I would've loved to have stayed longer there but I wanted to make Shabbos in Anchorage - go to shul and spend Shabbos in a Shabbos environment.. so I waited on the road for a ride.. It was quite late.. dark outside and cars weren't passing.. and then it started to rain...
I was getting really cold.. I was shivering..
I decided to quit for that night..

I was really lucky..
There was a RV hookup campground right there.. They had some sort of designated spot for barbeques, stocked with fire wood and some sort of roof to keep the rain away. Perfect!! I made a fire..moved over a table next to it.. spread out my sleeping bag on the table and tucked inside..
Every few hours I fed the fire some more wood and rolled over back to sleep. I was warm and it felt really nice. I did get totally smoked out and smelled barbqued but thought to myself - tomorrow Shabbos..I'll smell nice.. I'll get myself a room, shower and sleep in a good bed..
I got smoked out in my nice room.. Fire!
but B"H it was an amazing miracle..

Friday night - I woke up 2 am on my own.. I hear a cringing sound - my shabbos candles and white tablecloth (a pillow case) were on fire.. It was still a very very small fire.. the alarm didn't even go off yet. I put the pillow case into the sink and I went downstairs to the reception to call someone to open the water to blow it out. By the time they came up to my room the fire was bigger now and the alarm for the entire hotel went off. It was really embarrasing and everyone gave me their looks.. B"H no damage was done.. it wasn't really major but my room was full of smoke and fumes and I had to sleep in it. They didn't give me another room.. Well I had to smell barbequed on Shabbos too.
(Don't worry not really.. I made sure to open up all the windows and had the fan on.. By the time it was morning.. it was mostly aired out. If their was any smoke smell it was very faint. I don't think others were able to detect it..)


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