Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rollerblading in Airports...

ooh... miles of smooth terrain... fun...

whizzing by all the people who are lazily trudging along shlepping their handbags across terminals to get to the gates.. their eyes popping out - wishing...

just get a pair of inline skates.. it's really worth it.. excitement in every step.. definitely a great pick me up - feel good - booster.

I love the third world country airports like Olympic airlines and Aerosvit. OK- they could definitely improve their kosher meals - the same long life shelf meal consisting of two crackers, apple sauce, tuna spread and chocolate pudding, served for all three meals.. (occasionally it will have a slight variance and include a hot meal - salmon.. or chicken.. too)

But I love that I can board the plane on rollerblades. They never gave me any trouble. It's really cool and feels great..

I recall once doing a Western Europe skating trip for months.. I skated across countries.. and of course skated to the airport - Heathrow when I needed to get a flight back home to Israel. I remember how I felt when I so wanted to finish off the entire trip on my skates but BA didn't allow me that pleasure.. they made me remove my skates for boarding..

...Hoping for a more friendly environment for skaters...
(it's usually alright - more than alright - in most cases people tend to be a lot more fun and welcoming around skaters.. it's a great ice breaker and people will be more chill.. however some places- supermarkerts - such as whole foods in union square and the cops @ the subways and on interstates still need to chill..)

until then I'll still remain B'ezrat Hashem always and forever a faithful skater..


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