Wednesday, August 02, 2006

deadly mushrooms...

They are deadly... or make you feel like you wish you were dead..
but I didn't eat them..
I just picked them.. enjoyed their smell and thought how nice it would be to try them.. but I didn't.. ( I wasn't going to - my Israel mushroom Hadassah experience was enough..)
so why was I feeling so sick?

(at least I didn't need to make the couple in the rv giving me a ride, to stop on the road for me to vomit.. B"H a couple of hours later I felt fine and ate my Seudat Hamafseket - blue tortilla chips and yummy vanilla soy milk..(funny - I am just reminding myself that I actually got a ride somewhere in the US the previous week from a farmer/artist/musician growing organic blue corn for these chips and organic soy beans..)


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