Sunday, June 17, 2007

אתה הוא ה' האלוקים הזן מפרנס לכל

I was trying to find the parable from the dubno maggid about the person sitting in a wagon and holding his bundle so as not to burden the horses w/ more weight...

and found this nice parable..

A father once sent his son off on a journey to a distant land. Along with the provisions, the father also added a bundle of money to pay for his son’s expenses. As they were planning the trip they found out that foreign soldiers were frequenting the roads they needed to use, making travel extremely dangerous. The father decided he did not want to leave his son alone under such dangerous circumstances and decided to join him on the trip. When they were on the wagon the son said to the father, “Where is the bundle of money you prepared me for expenses on the journey?” The father replied, “Am I not accompanying you? If you need anything you can just ask me and I will take care of it.”

( The Magid brings this mashal regarding Yakov Avinu..Once G-d promised him that He will not leave him, there is no need to directly relate to Yaakov’s material needs. Wherever he is, Yaakov eats of his Father’s food. when G-d says He will accompany Yaakov, He is implicitly telling him that all of his material needs are also taken care of. G-d says to Yaakov, “I am always with you; whenever you call I will answer.” [by Eliezer Kwass]

Doesn't Hashem promise us all- He will always be with us..

השגחה פרטית


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