Thursday, July 12, 2007

Skater girl.. I hit my record today.

yay! It felt so good to be back on wheels. I really missed it. The past two weeks have been so so hot.. so I haven't been doing my daily Jerusalem-Dead Sea workout.. I was afraid of heat exhaustion..

I have been doing more of inward journeys... Torah study and prayer.. B"H attended some great classes..

But yesterday.. I really missed my skating.. the addictive adrenaline rush... that amazing feeling.. **

In the morning I packed in some great power classes at Midrashat Bat Ayin.. Rebbetzin Esther Kitov, Rebbetzin Emunah Witt and Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum... all amazing!

and in the afternoon hit the road..

It was hot.. very hot.. but the reward afterwards was so much more awesome! - opening the faucet and putting my head under the cool refreshing water.. ah ah..

and yay I hit my old speed record today.. less than an hour..

I don't wear a watch.. so I don't know exactly.. but I remember still being in Jerusalem at 4:45.. and went I hit the Dead Sea.. I checked the clock at the Lida gas station and was surprised that it was only a quarter to six...

I think it's the heat.. makes the wheels go really fast.. the wax.. lubricant.. melts..
it's also that I was really excited to be back.. and just flew.. (yay! I passed three trucks on the way.. on their left.. and glided in with traffic at both intersection.. jerusalem-maleh adumim-yam hamelach and before mishor adumim.. I love when it happens.. when I could just roll.. without braking or slowing down to merge with traffic.. also @ Jericho intersection.. neat.. just rolled.. no braking..)

after being delighted with the wondrous water.. I was deliberating whether to go for a swim or not.. I wanted to be back in Jersualem for another great class.. I decided to go for a short swim.. and hopefully would do both.. I filled up a bottle of water.. and got a motorcycle (yay!) ride heading to Ein Gedi.. I got off at the machsom..

The dead sea waters were so nice.. the place looked most beautiful.. today.. wow! the magnificent colors.. pink purple blue.. green bushes around.. sand..
I didn't have time for more than a quick swim.. mud massage.. and a hot shower..(I'd wish for an icy cold..but the sun heated the water in my bottle...)

I got back to Jersualem for Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz amazing class! He has the coolest life tools.. I love the "done deal"!

and of course later .. rollerbladed down Yaffo for a visit to the kotel.. for mariv, tehillim.. singing at my spot.. sweet songs..
י--ה אכסף
צמאה צמאה נפשי לאלוקים לא­ל חי ליבי ליבי ובשרי ירננו לא­ל חי
ריבה ריבי וגאלני לאמרתך חיני

gut shabbos.

** what pushed me to do it.. even in this heat-- was that I was tempted for a moment to post clips of my skating trips.. on my blog.. and was reminiscing..
but hey --why settle on past memories?
go get the real thing..
I did.. thank you Hashem..

( I don't take pictures of my trips.. it is some kind of illusion.. you could never capture the real thing.. also..I want to be creating every moment new fond memories... not live the past..
Last trip.. I saw a few drivers driving alongside on the highway shooting my downhill rollerblading trip on their cellphones.. I don't like when they do it.. but they already did.. so I asked them to email the clips to me.. )

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