Sunday, June 11, 2006

L'koved Shabbos

B"H we had the most delicious salmon for Shabbos.

* Honey
* A good white wine
* Vanilla extract
* A dash black pepper
* Olive oil
* 1 freshly squeezed lemon
* Fresh thyme leaves..
it's the first time I saw them at my supermarket.. they look so nice..

* Slices of Fresh ginger
* Pinenuts

I really enjoyed preparing this dish. The colors and forms looked beautiful. I took a moment to enjoy looking at it before putting it in the over right before shabbos on a timer set for 1/2 hour at maximum heat..

It filled our house with a lovely warm vanilla aroma.... while Rabbi HP was leading the Kaballos Shabbos prayers chanting an original beautiful melody for Lecho Dodi…

I served the fish on a platter decorated with orange peel swirls.. flowers from slices of oranges.. black olives and mint leaves..

It was delicious!! Carmelized well! And looked magnificent.. L'kovod Shabbos!

B"H we had a lovely Shabbos!

I decided to find out the deal about fish on Shabbos… Here are some stories, thoughts, ideas that came up that I liked..


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