Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Golan Adventure Yesterday: If there is a road it must lead somewhere..

just hoping that it isn't a circular road...

Nachal Gilobun I found the most peaceful blissful spot.. beautiful pink flower trees were growing all around and above.. a calm spring was flowing by.. there were some rocks and lovely pink flowers in the water.. על מי מנוחות ינהליני totally otherworldly.. otherworldly?? it's actually in this world.. G-d created it for us.. for our enjoyment.. oh what a shame that we don't appreciate it more... and spend more time with this beautiful world He created for us.. our natural environment..

I had the Gilobun all for myself.... the crowds had already left and no one was there.. it was truly magical ... beautiful crystal droplets falling off the stones glistening in the air... while swimming under the falls surrounded by beautiful greenery of the surrounding mountains. The late afternoon sun was glowing on the crystal waterfall creating a magnificent rainbow.. It was so refreshing!!

I then climbed back up.. while chanting Do you believe in the good of the people? wondering will my bag be there or not..

I didn't see it - ok.. it's not there.. I didn't really have much in there.. 2 oranges, vanilla pudding - which probably turned into some sort of yoghurt.. some tissues, 20 sheks and my fun trip clothes - which I have become somewhat attached to.. it carries with it thousands of skating miles, hikes, explorations so many fond memories.. and stories.. the life of the adventurer.. and then I saw it!! He hung it up on the sign! Yay! Thank You Hashem. Thank You humankind.. may we always be loving and trusting.. let the deep down inherent goodness in all of us shine all the time and may we see it in each other always!

Made a Shehakol
ברוך אתה ה אלוקנו מלך העולם שהכל נהיה בדברו
and ate my pudding - a quick energy booster.. drank some more water .. and was reay to continue..

I had two ways to go.. two directions.. left from where I came from or right.. I already knew what the left one was about.. so I chose right. It was a good choice B"H.. hours and hours of an incredible adventure in the night!!

what a sweet mincha prayer.. sweet songs... stars.. beautiful views of emek hachulah.. and the unknown.. factor.. surprise..


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