Sunday, May 20, 2007

super chill caves.. water caves..

so much fun!!!!

I love hiking.. I get drawn into it.. even when I don't plan on going on a serious hike.. I just end up doing it.. I wore dressy shoes and a nice shirt.. I wasn't going to do an outdoor adventure.. I was going to go to Isralight's prayer class.. but I was tempted to take a quick dip in a spring before that.. "I have enough time"... but once you're out there on the trail.. it is really difficult to leave..."I'll just do another loop and then I'll get off the trail"... but then just another loop.. and another loop.. just all the way down.. just all the way the top.. and so on.. always wondering and curious to see what's ahead.. it's not so easy to leave nature.. I am drawn to it.. it is where I am alive..
I just have to get myself a pair of hiking/water shoes.. and always wear them.. because even though I don't plan on doing a hike that day... somehow I always do...

The forests were nice..
but the caves... they were super chill!!!

I entered the caves.. I had no idea how high the water is.. I took off my shoes.. rolled up my skirt..and entered the caves.. the caves were dark.. so I lit a candle and took with me a box of matches.. the water was so refreshing.. at some point the water came up to above my chest.. and the cave's height was just right above my head.. further.. the caves expanded.. and then I came to the end.. I went back.. and explored other directions in the caves.. and the other water cave nearby.. of course I missed the class.. but bh I got to practice the class.. I headed to the kotel.. and prayed.. sweet sweet prayers in song.. I was so thankful for Hashem for everything.. and I prayed to continue to always see/enjoy/appreciate the beauty and goodness which He created for us all!


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