Sunday, February 18, 2007

mud bath to Machu

I was all clean.. rested.. refreshed.. I had just spent 2 nights sleeping indoors.. Sunday morning.. I showered and put on a nice clean t-shirt.. it was actually too nice for backpacking trips.. but I just threw it in..anways.. to feel good.. It was going to be a great week - G-d willing..

I just got off the bus @ Ollatatambu.. Carnival was going on.. and the kids were pouring buckets of water.. on passerbyers.. I was trying to dodge the water.. I got even worse..
A mud bath!!!
I was splattered with mud entirely!!

(my t-shirt was supposed to last for a few days :( and I had jsut showered and washed my hair...)

yeh.. bring on the water! but of course.. no one splashed me with water then.. I tried to wash up a bit.. and then headed to the train station. I was heading to Machu Piccu! I got to the station but there were no tickets left for that day or the next... they would not sell the tourists .. local tickets.. only tourist tickets which had been sold out..
So I was hanging around.. sitting on the bench..

Someone sits down next to me.. a local Peruvian.. now living in Florida.. "We've got an extra train ticket.. our friend was going to join us but he can't... do you want it?"


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