Sunday, February 18, 2007

Shabbos in Cuzco

B"H I found a lovely room. (15 soles - $5/night)
For Shabbos I am particular.. It should be a nice, clean, well maintained place, with nice surrounding views, yet quite, and hopefully not too many people staying there that night.. pref. a room not a dorm.. a good price.. (and of course a good shower) It's hard to find all those criteria... so it took me a while.. but Thank G-d I found a great place..

I had major plans for Shabbos meals.. I was hoping to make grilled veggies.. and even pitas.. But I lost my way back to the hostel.. It didn't help much that there were at least 10 hostels with the same name. I just barely had enough time to got to the market get fruits.. the sweetest melon.. yummiest papaya.. some more veggies and grapes to make delicious grape juice L'koved Shabbos!

I liked Cuzco.. it's a fun place..


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