Monday, May 21, 2007

סובו ציון והקיפוה

I was hoping we would all form a huge human hug around Jerusalem. There were quite a lot of people but not nearly enough for literally forming a hug.. hopefully it will happen very very soon!

Being erev shavous.. .. עליה לרגל I decided to circle around the jerusalem old city.. visiting all the gates.. stopped by the kotel.. and then kever dovid hamelech.. it was late.. but I couldn't miss davening at King David's kever erev his yahrtzeit... said a few chapters.. and then ran.. to my tehillim jam.. to sing more of King David's songs..

סובו ציון והקיפוה ספרו מגדליה שיתו ליבכם לחילה פסגו ארמנותיה למען תספרו לדור אחרון כי זה אלוקים אלוקינו עולם ועד ...


Blogger Ruth said...

Dear Rachel,
My husband met you yesterday on a tremp from the Dead Sea to Jerusalem. He was very impressed with your total freedom and your skating life style. We looked at the lovely pictures on your blog and wondered if those places are all in Israel. Thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement. We are also trying to find our way with HaShem in our very structured life style. What hit us the most is your assurance that G-d loves and cares for us very much as individuals. That is powerful knowledge to live with.
Thank you for sharing!
Yours, Ruth

11:24 PM  
Blogger truelife said...

Ruth thanks for your lovely comment. The pictures of April/May/June 07 are from Israel..
wishing you, your husband and family.. happy trails.. safe and exciting.. journey of life.. love.. and happiness always.. seeing/hearing G-d's loving messages each moment..
an abundance of blessings,

8:35 AM  
Anonymous AzS said...

I've always loved this perek of Tehillim. It seems so...tangible today.

2:47 PM  

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