Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my precious siddur

סידור סידור סידור
מיין טייערע סידור
דו ביזט א טייל פון מיינע גלידער

I don't have my siddur.. it is really precious to me.. it is the 'one thing'.. that is always with me.. it traveles with me.. everywhere.. all over the globe.. The last one I had.. fell down exit glacier in Alaska.. I was praying at one of the most beautiful glaciers!! It was really awesome.. and definitely effected my prayers.. I was so into it.. and whoops.. the siddur slipped my hands.. and fell down a huge cliff.. beyond reach.

well.. on wednesday I rollerbladed to Yam Hamelech.. I went to the hot springs.. and davened mincha.. afterwards I remember putting my siddur back in my bag.. but the next morning on Thursday I couldn't find it.. now it is possible I left it.. either in tremp from dead sea back to jerusalem ... or the bus I took to malcha.. or @ the spring on wallaja road where I went for a swim.. the ride back to jerusalem - yetziah mehair.. or at the bus stop back to beit shemesh... or on the bus back home..

Thursday I was going to go to Banias.. I wasn't sure which way to go derech habikah or kvish 6.. but realizing that my siddur wasn't with me.. I decided to go derech habikah.. so that I could first stop in Jerusalem and check at the bus stop for my siddur.. It wasn't there.. I then got a tremp.. direct all the way to tzemach!!! and wow.. what an amazing tremp.. what an amazing person to meet.. the entire way.. he was teaching torah.. I was so glad I bumped into him..

I am trying to retrace my siddur.. I went back to wallaja spring.. it wasn't there..

I hope I find it.. or it finds a kind user..


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